Instructors currently teaching at
 Little Dunks Livery Yard
Tom Dymond - Tom Dymond BHSAI,MRPCH (Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship)
Tom is a well known local instructor and teaches & rides at all levels and abilities of horse & rider. He has worked for a variety of professional riders over the years and his  background has since been riding, producing, selling & competing sports horses, predominantly eventers, both of his own and for numerous owners. He is a qualified Monty Roberts certificate holder and has started lots of youngsters, worked with remedial horses and is well known locally for his success with difficult loading horses & ponies.  Contact Tom on 07799 887937
Catherine Bray 
BHS qual, EAGALA cert, HND Eq Studies
With over 20 years of worldwide experience, Catherine has developed a natural empathy with horses and humans alike.
As well as her academic Equine achievements she has a range of hands on experience and focuses on equine behaviour. She has worked alongside many trainers including Karen Parelli-Hagen (former wife to Pat Parelli.
Karen assisted in the development of the Parelli technique), Minette Rice-Edwards (classical dressage trainer), Mimi Lufkin-Leslie (event rider in the USA), Tom Widdecombe and Fiona Henderson (both natural horsemanship trainers).
Another influence for Catherine includes author & trainer, Mark Rashid.
Catherine takes an adaptive approach to her teaching & training, recognising that every individual being is different & has different needs.
She teaches using techniques to develop confidence and partnership with horses.
To read more about Catherine, go to:
 www.equineaffinity.co.uk or call 07950 690089.
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